Monday, March 2, 2015

How Natural Health Can Help You Feel Better

You've been feeling a tickle in your throat and a bit of a sniffle in your nose. While you might be trying to tell yourself that those feelings probably don't mean anything, the truth is that you are probably already fighting off a cold or the beginnings of the flu. Instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet handle, look around your house you probably have all sorts of natural health remedies in your possession already.

There are more options out there than what you?ll find on your pharmacy shelves. While you will obviously want to follow all of your doctor's orders, trying a natural method of curing your cold before seeking a doctor's help might save you from needing to see the doctor at all!

Water is your friend. Water can do more than simply keep you hydrated and keep your thirst quenched. When you have a headache, try drinking some water instead of heading for the aspirin or Advil bottle. Many headaches start because of dehydration. Instead of waiting a long time for the drugs to take effect, drinking a glass of water will help you feel better in just a few minutes. In addition to keeping you hydrated you can use water for other things. Hot baths, for example, are great for helping people break fevers (just remember to keep a cold compress on your head so you don't get dangerously overheated). The heat of the water in a hot bath will make you start sweating, which is what will help break your fever (and it will relax your muscles as well). Sweating is one of the ways your body regulates its temperature and reduces fevers. Using salve is a great natural remedy.

Salves are useful because they can help break up congestion in both the sinuses and in the chest. Salves have a long history of success with healing the cold or fighting the flu because they are made of ingredients that have healing properties. Even if it isn't strictly natural, vaporub is a great salve to use. Healing and getting over the cold or flu can be as simple as rubbing some salve onto your chest overnight.

Make tea. Teas that contain peppermint, yarrow and elder are fantastic remedies for people who suffer from a cold or from the flu. You can also make your own tea if that is something that you know how to do. The tea will help you sweat which is always helpful in ridding your body of the toxins that are trying to take over while you deal with your cold or flu.

Killing a cold and getting well is best done by using natural health remedies. Are you sure you want to toss back over the counter medication when there are healthier and simpler remedies available? Don't reach for the drugs out of habit'choose a healthier method instead. And don't forget to get plenty of rest so that these natural health remedies have time to work!

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